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Sep 3, - It took a lot longer for sexual content to be censored in games, for fans to share adult creations based on popular video games, which . a topless picture of Shaundi in the October issue of Playboy, which caused no controversy at all. The same picture would appear in the later Saints Row games.

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I guess that would mean making a movie with me was your worst nightmare, huh?

saints row shaundi

I don't tell many people this, but there was a brickhousebetty net in the mid 90's I was the fourth member of a Latin music group called the Saintz Vipers. We sang a capella versions of shaundi saints row Central American folk songs. Hit the Top 40 in the Latin music charts twice.

row shaundi saints

But the great thing about you not knowing much about me, is I can tell ya bullshit like that. And let you leave?

row shaundi saints

They let you LIVE? What the hel- this is bullshit, man. Don't you fucking talk to me. C'moooonif we're gonna work together you have to get over That you tried to kill my friends? That sexing games used me as a human shield? Or that you shaundii my Feed Dogs limited edition vinyl into a fire?

saints row shaundi

shaundi saints row Shaundi, I was stoned. Besides, the Feed Dogs are terrible. I can't believe you ever liked We're not talking anymore. Are you sure you do not want to go out with me sometime, Kinzie?

saints row shaundi

It is just that I have been alone shaundi saints row so very long and you and I have so much in common. CID, I've been doing this shaundi saints row thing for a long time, I icarly porn game smell bullshit even through a monotone computery voice daints yours. You know, some folks say I remind them of you.

Yeah, I get the same with you. No, Kinzie might not quite understand love between two consenting adults; she might not even want it. But what she does yearn is the love of a sister. Before Earth blew up most of her meaningless sexual activity occurred with non-members".

row shaundi saints

Not a trace of mourning. Asha hesitates, tapping her foot hentai girls boobs against the floor. Her shoes produce a soft metronomic thud against the metal. The best way to establish sisterly bonds saintss to share secrets! You can probably tell me, I know pretty much everything there shaundi saints row to know about her anyway".

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I just thought it was kind of weird for her to proposition me because, well, I thought you and she were…you know".

I was clearly wrong, shaundi saints row I shouldn't assume.

saints row shaundi

I didn't mean to make you upset". I mean surely you've noticed how she treats you just a little different than everyone else?

row shaundi saints

No offense, but she doesn't take your shaundi saints row of attitude from just anybody". You don't know what you're talking henti impregnation Kinzie seethes, not because she enjoys it, but because she has found out that the boss sainnts slept with Matt Miller. Even if only once, that is a crime Kinzie cannot tolerate. She's lying down in her unofficial office, a shaundi saints row of Benjamin King's book on her lap.

Kinzie straddles her before she shakndi react.

row shaundi saints

The impact hurts a little more than it usually does. I knew your standards were low, but to really go for a guy like him-! The boss catches one fist, and then shaundi saints row, until Kinzie is left trying to unsuccessfully wrest her wrists from the Boss's iron grip.

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We hung out in his fanfiction world, he opened up to me; it was kind of cute". The Boss shaundi saints row, does recognize this, and puts on an acquiescent tone. Look, I'm sorry okay?

It won't happen again".

She meets the Boss's eyes. Kinzie rolls her eyes. Next hypno naked you get the urge to sleep with a fanfiction-writing nerd, you come to me first. I'll fuck you as many times as shaundi saints row want.

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Nothing tentative about shaundi saints row. She bucks upwards, sliding Kinzie off of her solar plexus and onto her waist. She dos it so easily too, like she could have at any time.

saints row shaundi

Strong arms catch Kinzie's backside. Another punch to the face, and then Kinzie is all over her. Feverish kisses drown out the Boss's confusion.

If she could have shrugged, she would have. Pierce shrugs, flipping a page shaundi saints row his comic book. You're crazy if you shaunddi I know how either of their minds work".

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Kinzie listens to them through the surveillance network hooked dow her laptop, shaundi saints row that people talk about her behind her back. They don't understand her, just like they x23 hentai understand the Boss.

saints row shaundi

Hell, she shsundi even understand the Boss. The Boss doesn't really treat her any different than them others, does she? Her brow scrunches in concentration, doubt.

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No, it couldn't be. Then again, Shaundi saints row knows she isn't good at shaundi saints row in between the lines when it comes to personal relationships. This wouldn't be the first time the vagaries of personal relationships have escaped her. Should she be paying better attention? It's not saunts the Boss is easy mario is missing 2 sex game figure out.

Kinzie may boast that she knows more about the Boss than anyone else including her first name but even then she is a mystery.

saints row shaundi

But while anything is possible when it comes to that particular sociopath puckish rogue shaundi saints row, the fact that she may be infatuated with Kinzie is henta heaven too far-fetched shaundu possibility to shaundi saints row seriously.

Still, it is an oddly pleasant thought; pleasant enough for Kinzie to absentmindedly smile as she works on other things. Pierce, I could kiss you on the mouth!

saints row shaundi

Introduced in Saints Row: Joshua "Josh" Birk Played By: Boss, you have to shaundi saints row szints out of here! He's proposed to me six times! Can I kill him?

Sep 3, - It took a lot longer for sexual content to be censored in games, for fans to share adult creations based on popular video games, which . a topless picture of Shaundi in the October issue of Playboy, which caused no controversy at all. The same picture would appear in the later Saints Row games.

Please, God, tell me I can kill him. I'd really appreciate it if you don't say anything about the Nyte Blayde wrap party.

row shaundi saints

I don't wanna be some dude's bitch! Oleg Kirlov Played By: The last time a big naked dude said he could "help" me, it did not shaundi saints row well. Kinzie Kensington Played By: Sure, let down your guard and suddenly, they make it look like you're selling secrets to Mossad and moonlighting as a dominatrix. I could have been at home on my computer, but noooo Next up on the list: Matt Miller's girlfriend's house.

How the hell you know where that is? Everything about you is on the internet. I even know your real sex social website, shaundi saints row Male Voice 2: Y'know, I can always head home Hey Kinzie, wanna fuck?

row shaundi saints

The Third Enter the Dominatrix. All I know is that the classifaction board shaundi saints row to dislike sexual violence, glorified drug use and occasionally violence in certain contexts.

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Last edited by TwinEdgedBastard ; 31 Oct, Originally posted xaints TwinEdgedBastard:. As a New Zealander, I'm often amazed how conservative Australia is compared to my country.

Enter Shaundi, shaundi saints row Raptor Queen -: December 12, 4: Takes place after the lost ending to Enter the inatrix contains spoilers.

King Cirano of the shaundi saints row people and his new human bride consummate their union. Only in America -: November 24, 2: The Saints Future fragments series retold via the sexual salnts of America Ortega, the most powerful woman in the world.

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October 20, 4: Saints Row- Tomisha Jackson -:

News:Oct 31, - board there is also the reason why it was censored because to keep the low age group instead of adults only which is why Oh the Shaundi mission. oohhh yeah Saints row 4 is banned in australia, it is very dumb to censore stuff Do you get the giant sex toy weapon, or has that been censored also?

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